The Workday Test- Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick & Exaggerate Lip Liner

Pucker Up As We Test Rimmel's Luck

For many of us with a job who like makeup, it would be great if said makeup lasted throughout the work day, wouldn't it? And some makeup sure likes to say it does but I'm here to put it to the test.

I wanted to start with lipstick because it can literally make the most impact to your face with just a swipe and in less than 20 seconds, and while obviously it's just makeup and at the end of the day it's up to you to be confident in the face of important meetings or just staring at your work screen, sometimes your fave lipstick can give you that little boost in the quickest time possible.

Today, we're focusing on Rimmel's the Only 1 lipstick and Exaggerate Lip Liner in Pink Punch, which is a bright hot pink. These lipsticks have that almost vague candy watermelon-like smell and I personally don't mind it, but people not into strong lipstick scents be forewarned.

The Rimmel site claims this for the lipstick:

• A no compromise all-in-one lipstick that is challenging the lipstick history.
• The perfect balance of high impact color, moisture, all day comfort and staying power
• Slanted lipstick bullet for an effortless application

The liner has no real bells and whistles attached to it, except precision. I used the two because I don't have even lips and figured if the aim is maximizing makeup wear time at work then I'm pulling out all the tricks I can.

So here we are 8am, freshly applied and the only bright and chipper thing about me at 8am. For disclaimer- I have a desk job. Also, I'm a miserable morning person who only exists by the grace of coffee and is totally pretending to not actually be reviewing lipstick throughout the day at work. Totally not taking discreet iPhone selfies of my mouth at all, people! 

But it's morning, day has dawned, and the fresh horrors of juggling multiple social media campaigns await. ;)


And here, below, we are at noon, before lunch but after the pre-requisite iced coffee and water (both through straws), some pecans, etc. etc. Still holding in there, but the lip color is less vivid and yet holding up better than myself under the oppressive crush of deadlines and trying not to murder people.


And here we are 2pm, after lunch and a can of seltzer without a straw because sometimes you need to straight up chug your sorrows away. Brightness has faded like my dreams for a relaxing work day, but it's still holding on to a nice flush of pink and more color than what the office printer currently allows me to print. I wasn't here for black and white, printer, how dare you?!


And here we are at 5pm, ready to GTFO and head home and lay on the sofa and eschew all forms of adulting for the evening while binge-watching Netflix. All vividness gone, what's left is a light pinkish stain and duckface circa 2004 MySpace. 


Having dabbled with a plethora of longwear cosmetics, I haven't ever found a lipstick that truly lasts for 8 hours, and ones that last tend to be the 2-step kind or really matte stain. So the fact that The Only 1, which has a comfortable formula and isn't really that matte, lasts for a good 4-5 hours before really wearing is actually quite impressive. 

If you're not into the more liquid matte formulas like the Hourglass Lip Stain (which has good staying power) and don't like the faff of 2-step formulas and don't mind re-apply in afternoon, I think the Only 1 lipstick is a great workday option to get through morning to post-lunch.

And considering how affordable it is, to me it's a no-brainer here. You can find Rimmel The Only 1 in pretty much every drug store, Walmart, and Target. 

What other makeup would you like to see take the overly honest Workday Test? Let me know in the comments! :)