Pixi Beauty + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse Review

Step Up Your Cleansing Game Times Two


Hello world, it's me, I was wondering if Q1 would ever let me breathe. What was supposed to be a month off turned into two, such is life with a demanding day job. And what better to wipe away stress along with several coats of mascara than a good double cleanse?

The long awaited Pixi Beauty + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse dropped in early January, and as a double cleanse junkie I of course threw my wallet at Target and picked it up. For those of you who are wondering who Caroline Hirons is, please go check out her brilliant skincare blog and be prepared to love cats and Simon LeBon and wonder, as I did, what the hell is Dettol and why is it so beloved?

Hirons teamed up with Pixi as one of many beauty gurus/online personas to put out a product in this winter release. Being a skincare person, Caroline went with what she knows best and worked with them on something to aid a routine she preaches. The woman loves her routines, and I find them so helpful. Double Cleanse is a jar that houses two 50ML sides with one being a solid cleansing oil and the other a cream cleanser. It's pretty much paint-by-numbers cleansing. 

Why double cleanse, you ask? Do you like your skin being in good condition and your eyelashes not hating you? If yes, you've answered your own question. But honestly, gentle, thorough double cleansing at night has made my skin 100x better now that I get all the makeup/dirt off and avoid soaping agents that stripped my skin too much.

I've been using this double cleanse quite regularly since and feel I've spend enough time to compile my thoughts, and what better way to do this post than with a little imitation as flattery? Enjoy this special Hirons-themed review. :)

Describe the brand in three words:

Mint green packaging, efficient, uncomplicated.

Who is it for?

People like me who like skincare routines but also don't love it cutting into their nightly Netflix time. People who enjoy a good, practical double cleanse routine that doesn't take ages to wipe away makeup, dirt, and sin. And people who don't want their eyes set on fire. 

What's in it?

Vitamin E Oil, Camellia Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin C, Peptides, Arginnie, and a sudden desire to listen to Duran Duran.

What's not in it?

Mineral Oil aka THE SKIN DEVIL, soaping agents/sulfates, Dettol. 

Possibly acne/allergy/troubling for some ingredients?

There are some essential oils and butters in this, so ymmv if you know you react.


$24 USD, which is really not awful considering you're getting two actual products in one.

Do I Really Need This And Will It Make Me See Skincare Jesus?

If you double cleanse and need something solid (no pun intended) that will do the job efficiently, quickly, with little noticeable scent and won't strip your skin....this will do you. It's also super convenient that the solid cleansing oil and cream cleanser are in one jar, however, I would not mind if eventually they were separate products. I really love the solid cleansing oil and it does a great job and de-spackling the makeups off my face without setting my eyes ablaze in chemical warfare. 

For $24 and being a dual product I'm more than happy to toss Pixi my $$ for this since it does exactly what it claims to do.