Pixi H2O Skin Tint

Does Pixi's H2O Skin Tint pass the test?


In my last post about brands like Glossier and Milk, I mentioned that there were more affordable skin tint options out there that were also vegan and/or cruelty-free, and one such tint is the Pixi H20 Skin Tint. Luckily, this one is easily found at Target if you're feeling the need for instant gratification and not waiting for online shipping.

I've always seen it in passing, but have never picked it up until I started to get more interested in paring down my base makeup to lighter coverage. I didn't want to spend the $42 for the Milk Sunshine Oil Tint, so this seemed like a good alternative that also gives you a smidgen more than 1 oz in the tube (Milk's is .7 oz, for comparison) for $24 USD. It comes in three shades- Cream, Nude, and Warm, which is admittedly (and frustratingly) limited as shade range goes.


This isn't quite a tinted moisturizer nor a BB Cream; it's more gel-like and while it has some beneficial skincare ingredients like green tea, rose water, chamomile, and lavender, it doesn't contain SPF. It applies as light coverage at first, but can be built up to a good medium coverage and the trick is that it may seem a bit patchy at first when you apply, but keep blending a moment longer. This is a formulation that needs that extra moment of blending, but it's beautiful when you do. The best way to describe what this product does is- your skin, but better. 

As you can see in the below pic, where I blended it out on my hand, it has a definite glowy finish, and this translates the same on the face. If you find your skin is looking a bit dull this season, this can be the perfect pick-me-up. Despite it's H20 name, though, I do recommend doing a good moisturizing skincare routine beforehand if you have dry skin. It's by no means a drying product, but if your skin generally needs a little help in that area I'd still recommend moisturizing beforehand as this is also a water-resistant & long-lasting formula. Which, for being a skin tint, I've found it is surprisingly long wearing on my typically foundation-eating face. 


The other thing I really like about it, aside from having good wear time and making my skin look like skin but better is that this formula feels really light, to the point I can't even feel it on my face once it sets. Any long-wearing foundation or face base I've used, even my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix, I can usually still feel but not this one. I'm not sure what magic Petra uses, but whatever it is I hope they keep it coming! 

That being said, let's look at the Pros/Cons of the Pixi H20 Skin Tint.


  • Long-wearing
  • Water-resistant
  • very lightweight feel
  • wears beautifully
  • nice skin benefits
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free


  • Limited shade range that excludes darker skins
  • Price point might still be a "your mileage may vary" depending on budget
  • Will not offer full coverage for those who desire it
  • Is not super hydrating

You can find Pixi H20 Skin Tint on the Pixi website or at your local Target.