Light Coverage Superstars

Base that lets you shine through....


In my twenties I was a full coverage fan; the thicker, the less of my real skin showing, the BLOCK EVERYTHING the better. And my skin still probably hates me for it. And looking back, it wasn't that I always needed the cake I just let my self-conscious, low-esteem riddled brain think so. You could swipe a finger down my face and have enough to conceal spots. I would have made NikkieTutorials proud.

Now in my thirties I'm basically feeling too old to be fucking hung up on not having a flawless, perfect base so I've basically said to hell with it and moved to lighter coverage base products and focused more on my skincare a la French and Korean girls and I find it not only has made me happier and less anxious about my appearance, it also saves me time in the morning.

A few of my favorite low coverage foundations & tinted moisturizers that I think are superstars of letting your skin show and looking natural are Sleek CC Cream, Pixi Beauty H20 Skin Tint and NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.

L to R: Sleek, NARS, Pixi Beauty 

L to R: Sleek, NARS, Pixi Beauty 

The Sleek and NARS products would be best suited for dry to combination skin, and Pixi H20 Skin Tint is brilliant for combination to oily. They all offer light coverage that could be built up, although I do think the Pixi one is the best for attempting to build up to closer to medium as it sets faster. 

Sleek and NARS will offer you some SPF, the Pixi will not however H20 Skin Tint is water resistant whereas the others aren't so your mileage may vary for usage. Skin Tint can be great for a beach or pool day since if you're going to be in direct sun I'd suggest using a separate SPF first anyway for better protection. 

L to R: Sleek, NARS, Pixi Beauty

L to R: Sleek, NARS, Pixi Beauty

The one downside with Skin Tint is it only comes in three colors (please work on this Pixi!) whereas the NARS will offer the best shade ranges out of the three. For affordability, the Sleek option is the cheapest and the NARS will set you back the most (although not terribly so.) 

On most days I opt for Skin Tint as it sets fast and is low fuss, whereas I like Sleek and NARS for when I'm feeling a bit drier or my skin got slight color in summer. All things considered pro and con-wise, these are still three brilliant light coverage superstars that I have found to work well.

What are your light coverage faves?