Stitch Fix - A New Way to Shop and Discover Your Style

The concept: clothes styled just for you

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I was intrigued by Stitch Fix after seeing my friend Tuan have success with it and, surprisingly, my partner signed up for it to give his style game an update. It's baby steps as far as his style improvement goes, but some of the picks have been quite nice. What's even more surprising is how he's been enjoying it. Spoilers: he's really not into fashion or style, but this has been helping him transition into a more fashionably adult wardrobe perfect for a Bay Area professional.

Figuring I needed some style inspiration and wanting to treat myself every now and then and be surprised, I signed up to receive a box once a month and after now receiving my fifth "fix", I feel like I can give Stitch Fix an accurate review. 

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a subscription fashion service app where you sign up, take a style quiz, and through part algorithm and part human stylist you will receive your "Fix", a box curated with clothing items and accessories just for you. Once you receive your fix, you can try them on and go through the app to decide what to keep and return, rate each pick, and leave notes to your stylist for the next fix. If you want to return things it's fairly easy, they give you a pre-labelled mail pouch to put the returned items in and you have 3 business days from estimated delivery date to mail it back out. 

Signing up and a fashion pop quiz

When you sign up, Stitch Fix has you take a style quiz that covers your sizing and how things usually fit you, your style preferences, price point preferences and more about you. You have the nifty option to add a Pinterest board link, so I've made a pin board specifically for Stitch Fix to reference. 

I really loved that they didn't just ask size, they asked about fit and cut. It's a huge deal for someone very short (5'1") and over size 12. It's not just the style, it's also so much about the fit. Them taking that into consideration as well as the other quiz info to help their combination of algorithm and human stylists make choices for personalization is so very. Personalization is becoming a big deal in e-commerce, and those who can do it well thrive.


Your fix has arrived

When your fix is on its way, the app will notify you via email and the cool thing is you can get a sneak peek at what's in your fix by going into the app and hitting "Begin Checkout." You can scroll through to see the five pieces sent, just exit out and don't take any actions. 

When your fix arrives, the box has your fashion pieces, an invoice, and a note from your stylist on fold out card stock that also highlights two outfit options for each piece of clothing in your fix so you get a good idea of how to style them. I adore this touch, and it seems like the outfit choices and pairings take into considerations the user's overall style aesthetic.

Once you get your fix, you have three business days from the date it says in the app your fix arrives to either keep or return your items. You purchase (keep) or return through the app while also rating each piece and overall how that month's fix was for you. You can also leave your stylist a note of what to include for the next fix. If you choose to return a piece, they include a return pouch already labelled for shipping that you simple return via mail. 

Pros/Cons of Stitch Fix

I haven't honestly experienced any big negatives with the service. When I was out of town for a funeral and my fix arrived, I just emailed customer service and they extended the time to return for me. I believe there is also an option now in app to select wanting more time with your fix, but don't quote me as I admittedly haven't paid attention to that feature.

As smaller quibbles go, one blouse I really liked was a little too big but was also so popular that all of them sold out and I couldn't exchange for a smaller size, but my stylist did put a note on file that I liked it in case they restock. Sometimes I'll get a fix that's a total winner and sometimes I get one where I'm not keen on anything or I don't feel like spending that month. 

As fit goes, I would say I've had 85% success in things fitting, and 15% where they didn't because a blouse was too big or a blouse was just a TEEEEEENY bit tight around the hips (which in that case I just wear it tucked into a skirt.) Some of that tight fit though can be chalked up to my weight fluctuations and overall I think Stitch Fix does a fantastic job finding pieces that fit users well.

If you like exploring more style options, want someone to do the work for you, want to treat a friend or like to treat yourself, I think this is a great service to try and I genuinely want to see this company succeed. 

Have you tried Stitch Fix or other subscription style services? Let's talk in the comments!