Pixi Lash Line Ink Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Will the Pixi Beauty love affair keep going strong in Lash Line Ink?


So far, I really like Pixi as a brand and wish I hadn't overlooked them all these years. Pixi H20 Skin Tint is amazing, their Endless Silky Eyeliners are awesome, a lot of their Skin Treats lines are faves so I was coasting on high hopes for the Lash Line Ink Liquid Eyeliner pen to be the stuff of liquid liner pen dreams.

Alas, you can't always get what you want.

I wanted to like this but it has some hurdles both in the felt nib and formula. While it's a nice fine point as I like, I found the nib to be rather stiff and not very flexible to work with. Some people like that but I don't. For me it makes it hard to work with in making a clean line or a tidy-ish wing, and it's just been, frankly, a pain in the ass. 

I don't need my eyeliner pen to be floppy like a paintbrush, but I do need it to have some give like the DollyWink or Physician's Formula ones have, as those are the types of liquid liner pens I gravitate towards. 


Formula-wise, it is a rich black but it dries down fast, too fast almost, making it challenging as it sorta crumbles on itself when you need to build it up and makes it hard to layer without being streaky. When you try to build it up to be a nice, crisp line it just misses the mark, quite literally, and is nowhere near where I want it to be. At best, I could use this to dot liner in my lashes for a minimal makeup look, but that's not exactly what I like a liner pen for. 

Unfortunately the big flaws of the Lash Line Ink Liquid Eyeliner Pen are two big things for me- nib and formula, so this is not another Pixi love match for me, sadly. I guess every brand does have a dud now and then, but for $12 I was hoping this would work for me in the same vein that DollyWink Eyeliner Pen does. Alas.