MAC Cosmetics Soft Ochre Paint Pot

The beloved MAC Paint Pot put to the test!


Most Youtubers I watch seem to have one thing in common- a massive love for using MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot as an eyeshadow base. NikkieTutorials and Sharon Farrell in particular are two big fans who come to mind, and after not totally getting the ardent affection for it I decided to pick it up and try it for myself.

I understand now why it's so beloved.

This is a great eyeshadow base/primer for fair to medium skintones, and really covers up any discoloration or little veins on the eyelid to create a smooth canvas for whatever shadow you put on top. And generally I've had good luck with the matte paint pots in lasting well and being a solid base. 

For the record, I have slight discoloration on my eyelids that leans a faint reddish-tan color and my lids do get ever so slightly oily as the day wears on because I have hooded eyelids.

Here is a swatch of Soft Ochre on my pale, pale hand. 


I love it, I think this is bloody brilliant, and I think the hype is well deserved. Those who feel Maybelline Color Tattoos are good dupes for Paint Pots could probably find some of facsimile (although last I looked I didn't see a matte nude like this), but I personally do not find Color Tattoos to be at all good dupes and I think they actually dry out pretty fast. A better dupe I can think of is potentially Milani Shadow Eyez stick in Almond Cream, but I still think the formulas aren't quite a match. For me, Paint Pots have better staying power than both.

You can get paint pots online or in MAC stores for $22.