Could This Too Faced Palette Be The Summer 2016 Go To?

too faced sweet peach

 In a sea of contouring and strobing comes a shiny, fruity beacon with pops of color for this summer that could very likely become a top loved palette depending on texture and application. Considering this is Too Faced, I'm very optimistic about these prospects.

 While there still isn't a release date yet, the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, part of their upcoming Summer 2016 collection, could be the go-to palette for me this summer. I find Too Faced palettes tend to be pretty easy to travel with, have great packaging, and I love the color selection in this teaser photo!

Oh, and the best part about this palette? It's going to apparently smell like peaches. Just take my money already, Too Faced.While this isn’t the best promo photo, you get a good idea of the colors and oh, does it speak to me. A lot. As a sucker for peachy-corals and neutrals, this right in my wheelhouse as the weather warms up. It's hard to pick up in this photo, but this has a good mix of mattes, satin, and shimmers, and I love that it includes a gorgeous olive green color, some purple tones, a few warm and cool neutrals, shimmery golds and peaches, and I just require this in my life right now, okay?

If the packaging ends up being true to photo, the Sweet Peach palette will be thin enough and small enough to fit into my backpack for travel without being cumbersome and some of the shades could possibly double as contour/bronzer, blush, and highlighter if I really want to maximize use to cut down on how much makeup I end up taking on my trip to Italy this summer. This palette screams vacation-worthy, and taking it with me this summer is a great way to really test out how versatile it will be and how the packaging holds up between seven airports, countless plane rides, and a whole bunch of cities in between.  

Hopefully we get a release date soon!