4 Ways to Turn Around a Crummy Day


We all have those days, where we feel like we got up on the wrong side of the bed and nothing is coming together right. It can be little things that just add up and make an otherwise good day go off, like unexpected rain showers or missing your train. 

So here's a few ways I can suggest turing one of those crummy days around.

  1. Take a walk

  Sometimes just taking a short walk if you have the time can clear your mind and help ease some stress. It's a good time to get your blood moving and to regroup, and it's quiet time to think without too much interruption. 

     2. Treat Yourself

  Parks & Rec was definitely onto something here. When you're having a bad day, sometimes the small act of treating yourself to something you enjoy and know is a pick-me-up can help. Maybe it's getting your fave cup of coffee, seeing a movie you've wanted to or buying that lipstick you've been eyeing. Maybe it's even just taking a long bath. If there's something you can do that you know you enjoy and might help brighten your mood, by all means, give it a try.

    3. Take a Break and Unwind

    Sometimes just taking some time to relax and unwind when plans go awry can be just what you needed. Watch an episode of a show you love, pick up that favorite book for a bit, or try an adult coloring book and get in touch with your inner five-year old. When things don't go as planned, it's definitely stressful, so taking the time to unwind can help alleviate that feeling, at least to some degree.

       4. OTTERS

    When all else fails, I check out dailyotter.org and look at cute otter pictures to try and brighten my mood. There's many other types of cute animal photo sites, and as silly as it sounds, never underestimate the power of a cute, fluffy animal!