KL Polish

Does Kathleen Light's Polish Collection Nail It?


If you hang around the YouTube beauty community, you probably have heard the name Kathleen Lights. Kathleen is one of the most popular beauty gurus currently on the site, charming viewers with her bubbly nature, adorable dogs, and candid chats about her life and anxiety issues. I personally think she's great and has had a great track record curating collections and colors in her brand collaborations. And as things seem to go lately with the big name YouTubers, Kathleen launched her own brand in recent months, a nail polish brand called KL Polish.

I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful ochre color, Caramello, and really liked that she started small with a well curated selection of shades for her first launch in the Fall. I also saw that her formula was "5-free", meaning it's devoid of some of the nastier chemicals found in nail polishes. Being a fan of Kathleen's and trying more and more to support smaller brands, I ordered four of the shades available from the initial launch: Caramello, Snickerdoodle, Gumption, and Zoey. I am adoring the fact she named Gumption after a scene in The Holiday and the character Iris in it because IRIS IS THE BEST AND I WILL FIGHT ALL Y'ALL ON THAT. 


The formula itself is pretty nice; not too thin or thick, and I found for me it dries down pretty quickly and is quite opaque after two coats which is awesome because ain't nobody got time to be sitting around waiting for nails to dry or threatening to smudge because you're on Tumblr in between coats. The brush itself looks like a slightly smaller version of the Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish one, and its slightly tapered and rounded at the end which I like because I do a poor job with thinner, straight polish brushes.

Here's the color Zoey below, which is a nice dusty mauve rose:


As far as wear time goes, anything that isn't a gel manicure on me only lasts for a few days, so I'd say that these polishes perform on par with other good brands and definitely better than essie who make such pretty colors but it's such a weaksauce formula. :(

She's launching her Spring collection this week so my feeling is if you like Kathleen Lights, want to support smaller brands, like a good formula in well thought-out colors, and don't mind being set back $8.50, you can't go wrong with KL Polish.

What's your favorite shade in the collection? Comment below!