Pixi MultiBalm Multitasks Beautifully

An affordable lip and cheek multi balm? Yes please.


I told myself, "Self, don't buy any more makeup for a while. You have enough." But then I saw pictures of the newest Pixi Beauty 2016 Collection on Instagram, specifically their new MultiBalm sticks for lip and cheek and the Glow Tonic To Go pads, and I folded like a lawn chair. So it goes. 

So high-ho to Pixi's website where I ordered the Glow Tonic pads and three of the new MultiBalms in Baby Petal, Watermelon Veil, and Wild Rose. Since they ship from Nevada and I live in California, my order arrived quite fast and I love that their boxes is the same bright soft green as their product packaging. They really have branding on lock. 

I've been testing out all three colors for the past few days now, and I have to say: I really like this cream to powder formula and the niftiness of it being in a stick.

L to Right: Baby Petal, Watermelon Veil, Wild Rose

L to Right: Baby Petal, Watermelon Veil, Wild Rose

The nice thing about these is that they sheer out pretty well on the cheeks but build up beautifully. As lips go, they aren't going to be the most slick formula as they are cream to powder, but on the lips they do provide nice, subtle color, at least the ones I picked up do. The red colors I'm sure would be more vivid. I noticed that Baby Petal applies as that soft muted peachy-nude-pink on my cheeks but becomes an almost a mod sort of white-based baby pink-peach on my lips.

As for staying power, I'm happy to say they perform quite well. I wore Watermelon Veil yesterday, applying it around 8am, and later on in the work bathroom around noon or so I noticed it was still there. On me, blushes tend to fade really fast so for it to last four hours is pretty darn good. And since it's in stick form it's pretty easy for me to toss it in my purse or pocket for any touch ups through the day.

Whereas YSL Kiss and Blush Doll Stain is pretty solid for both lips and cheeks, I think the Pixi MultiBalm formula's sweet spot is more cheeks than lip. That being said, it's the perfect sort of thing to toss into your back to take on travels if you're backpacking and want to get as much use out of a makeup product as possible to save space. Since it's cream, you don't need a brush so that's one less tool and lipstick right there. 

Note- I went back to Pixi's site to link it, but it seems not to be on the website anymore? I think I heard it launches in Target on 6/26 but if anyone knows why it's not on the site anymore (possibly sold out?) let me know!

If you can find it though, definitely do pick a few shades up!