Own Your Throne with Poo~Pourri

The toilet air freshener review no one asked for. 



Look, we all know it- everyone does the doo. And it doesn't smell likes roses. But what if it could. I've been overtly curious about Poo~Pourri since I saw it's ingenious and wonderful commercial which has led to this strange, somewhat beauty-related in a loose way review. Take a moment now to watch their commercial:

This sort of cheeky marketing appeals to me on all levels and I applaud how humorous and effective this advert is for what is really a perfume for poo.

So cut a year later, I'm at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I see some of this at the registers and thought, you know, why not? I've been wanting to check it out if anything because it's such a novelty. I picked up the Original Citrus kind, and after testing I can confirm it's not just simple novelty, this stuff does it's job and I want Poo~Pourri  room sprays ASAP.

The Original Citrus smells so flipping good, I can't even. The Poo~Pourri website describes it as lemon + bergamot + lemongrass, which is one of my favorite citrusy scent profiles in general so it's like they made a beautiful porcelain throne spray from my dreams. Other scents include Call of the Wild (grapefruit), Deja'Poo (white flowers + citrus), Royal Flush (eucalyptus + spearmint), and a many more included a few roses scented ones so your business can, in fact, smell like roses.

I should also note the packaging is hilarious to read and there's even a little "meter" to let you know how much spray you have left. It's less hippy-dippy than the writing on Dr. Bronner's and very much in line with Poo-Pourri's tone. It reminds me a bit of Help Remedies' tone (which Help's website is a great way to kill some time one afternoon.)

I'd say this is a neat and affordable product to buy and try out  because honestly, who doesn't like a nice smelling bathroom?