Fall Favorites Tag



It's officially Fall and pumpkin spice, apple cider, changing of leaves time and I am full of the excite! Sure, the leaves don't change so prettily in the Bay Area and cool Fall days can be far and few between, but I will get a bit of autumnal weather in England so there we are.

As it is now Fall, I decided to play along with Jaclyn Hill's Fall Favorite Tag. Make sure to check out her video! 

Favorite Candle

Pumpkin Cupcake. I think it's by Slakin and definitely sold at Bath and Body Works. It just smells so yummy and Fall. Runner up is the Leaves candle.

Favorite Lip Color

This Fall, I'm really liking NYX Butter Lip Gloss in Devil's Food Cake.

Favorite Drink

Tie! Pumpkin Spice Latte, because I really am a basic white girl sometimes, and an Iced Apple Chai Latte with Coconut Milk and littttttle bit of caramel swirl.

Favorite Blush

Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush in Charmed.

Favorite Clothing Item

Scarves. I have an embarrassingly large and growing collection of scarves.

Favorite Fall Movie

Here's the thing, I really like horror movies, so picking one favorite is so, SO hard. But if I were to go with consistency, I suppose John Carpenter's Halloween. 

Favorite Fall TV Show

  I think the only thing I'm watching so far is Doctor Who

Favorite Thanksgiving Food

None. I actually really don't like Thanksgiving.

Favorite Halloween Costume

I don't have photos, but I was Xena one year when I was 14. I liked that costume.