MUJI Nylon Hanging Travel Case L

Hello, it's MUJI I've been looking for.

muji nylon case

I'm pretty sure by now it's no secret I love MUJI, especially for travel accessories. They have some of the best travel-sized bottles and containers, toiletries essentials, packing cubes and more. One of my favorite things they also carry are their Nylon Hanging Travel Case.

I have mine in the large size (L) to store my makeup and skincare when I hit the road and am traveling with luggage. I don't typically use it for backpacking trips since I go smaller scale with products when I backpack, as I mentioned in my last post about packing makeup for backpacking, but it could fit in my backpack if need be. 

The case zips almost in an almost clam shell style and has a few small pockets in the front that zip shut, which I've used to tuck away a few necklaces or earrings, and in the main storage part of the bag can hold a fair amount of items and has some elastic holders on the backside which can be used for makeup brushes, toothbrushes, etc. 

And oh, let me tell you, I have tested out quite thoroughly how much makeup and skincare you can actually pack into this thing and get it to zip shut and spoilers: A LOT. LIKE DAMN YO. 

And, as the title suggests, it also has a hook inside so you can hang it up if you need to. I admit, though, I'm not quite sure why you would need to so if anyone knows, please let me know in the comments.

For $22.95, this is a pretty great and durable bag, but if you don't need one quite as big they do make a small size as well.