Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-aging Perfector

Perfection or hype?

neutrogena healthy skin anti-aging perfector

I picked this up on a whim at CVS, hearing some good about it. Alas, I think this is more suited for those who already have really good skin and don't need much coverage because it's pretty sheer. I make it work right now by using a lot of concealer where I need to color correct and even things out, but I wish it were just a little more packing in the pigments department.

On the upside, it has retinol and sunscreen in it to help treat the skin so it is doing some good. I think if you're someone who doesn't have uneven skin tone and not a lot of blemishes, this will be a good everyday base for you.

If you do have a uneven skin tone, texture, and blemishes, this will probably not fit the bill and at best could maybe work under another foundation. But, for $13.99 a pop, I can't say I'd opt to buy it again and would probably just get their retinol serum to wear under makeup instead. 

What are your favorite makeup with skincare included products?