My Current Favorite Travel Apps

A few of my fave travel apps.

An actual screencap from my phone, minus the Justin Trudeau wallpaper background. ;)

An actual screencap from my phone, minus the Justin Trudeau wallpaper background. ;)

In the digital age with an app dropping every five minutes, there's a lot to choose from in the travel market. Everyone has a few favorites, be in the app that'll pull up a city map, or order a cab and rate it, and the ever important and occasionally handy translation tool.

For a long time I resisted apps, being a bit semi-Luddite about it. I think one can get along perfectly fine in their travels without relying on them, but I have to admit...they are so handy, when you have the data and Wi-Fi to support using them, of course! It's always a good idea to check the Wi-Fi situation of your destination. 

Having now embraced apps more, here are my current favorite ones for travel.

TripIt: If I had to pick only one app to use, it'd be Trip It. It allows you make your own trips, and customize your plans and itineraries as you see fit. You can even email your hotel, flight, train, car rental, etc. confirmations to it via e-mail and it do a lot of the work populating your itinerary for you. It also lets you share plans and add people to trips, which is great if you're in a group or just with a friend or loved one. 

Citymapper: With dozens of cities and more being added in the future, Citymapper will help navigate you from point A to B, will let you save places in a city if you have set destinations you know you want to get to, it will keep you updated on public transit (metro, rail, bus, etc.) and what stops each line features, and allows you to share with other users and use the "Meet Me Somewhere" function to meet up.

Fodor's Phrases: If you're in a country where you don't speak the language, Fodor's has your back for basic phrases. For free, you get the basics like hello, goodbye, how are you, etc. in each language and it'll play each phrase so you know how to say it. You can buy a full pack of the language for less than $3, regional bundles like Asian, Western European or Eastern European for $5.99, or get the Globe Trotter Bundle, which is all 22 of the languages they support, for $9.99. I'd say its a pretty great deal for the world wanderers out there. 

Hopper: Similar to Kayak and Skyscanner, you put in where you want to fly to and from which airport, and Hopper will take you to the calendar and initially show you six months (you can scroll down and choose show all months) starting with what month it is and shows in color coding of green, yellow, orange, and red what is the cheapest time and priciest time to fly. You can set a watch on your routing and dates, and it will give you tips and predictions, and also when you watch a flight, it'll suggest whether to book now or wait, and will alert you when a "wait to book later" flight becomes "book now." What I like is that it's handy on the go, shows the lower cost carriers, it' easy to use, and great for figuring out where you might want to go for vacation and when's the best dates. 

Entrain: And finally, what is long-distance traveling without the pesky jetlag. Entrain is an app dedicating to solving that problem by monitoring your body's circadian rhythm, suggesting the best plan to train yourself to adapting to your destination's time zone, when you should expose yourself to bright light by type and when you should be in darkness to adjust. 

I hope some of these sound interesting to you, and the best part they're basically free!