An Amazing Cleansing Oil For Less Than $11? Of Course They Discontinue It

Dear Nuance, please bring this back!


Nuance by Salma Hayek at CVS is, to me, an underdog brand that doesn't get as much love as it should. Some of that is the weirdly small to non-existent marketing behind it, were I to guess. The color cosmetics line is pretty straight forward with some good things like the rose balm, lipsticks, and eyeliner pencils, but there's some truly excellent gems in the skin and haircare range worth grabbing.

Today, I'm talking about a pretty awesome cleansing oil that's both drugstore and less than $11. But, like all goods things such as Firefly and Revlon Pink In the Afternoonit's too good to be true as CVS has apparently discontinued it. You might still be able to find bottles of it, though, as they push to get rid of stock and I highly suggest grabbing a few bottles.

The Marigold Cleansing Facial Oil comes in a pretty sizable 4oz bottle, has the barest hint of a scent, and really does the job tackling makeup and cleaning the skin. It's as easy as 1-2 pumps, work into dry skin, add some water, rinse. You don't have to work hard with this at all, it's really that easy and has no mineral oil in it either, which is great for more sensitive skins or those who don't care for it.

I can't imagine why they've chosen to get rid of this product; it's so good and could be an excellent hero product in the skincare line, especially since cleansing oils are so popular right now. The cream cleansers in the line are quite fine as well, but ditching a great cleansing oil that doesn't break the bank?

What's your favorite budget cleansing oil or cleanser?