A Girl Walks Into A Target...


I went in for an umbrella. That's all I truly need; a pocket umbrella for our upcoming trip back to London in three weeks. But it's Target, and one cannot simply walk into Target and buy only one thing. If you're me, anyways.

I treated myself to a Starbucks Cold Brew with coconut milk, no sweetener to start, because it already got pretty warm at 11am here in South Bay Area. I did get my umbrella, but then I made a beeline for the clothing section, where I decided I absolutely had to replace the older black and white plaid button up shirt I'd purged earlier in the year, and that I definitely had to get this comfy hooded cardigan thing. It all went downhill when I got to Shoes and saw tartan tennis sneakers and I had been meaning to pick up some wedged boots because I'm so short that any height I can get for working days is great. Also, my brain has determined to fixate itself onto fall, even though we're still in the grip of summer and realistically will be for weeks to comes here in the Bay Area. Hence the plaid shirt and cozy jumper.

I did attempt restraint in the beauty section. I stopped myself from buying the e.l.f. Melting Gel Cleanser, Mellow Mauve Blush, and the Pixi Minimal Makeup Book of Beauty. There was much deliberating, there was much Googling of swatches, but I put them back and picked up a highly affordable aubergine-ish purple essence nail polish and two scents of what appears to be indie brand aromatherapy room & body mists in Lavender-Lemon and Frankincense & Myrrh, the latter of which somehow got slightly unscrewed and spilled just a bit in the bag so now I basically smell like the biblical depiction of the birth of Jesus. Which, frankly, reminds me a bit of Old Spice but I've always liked that smell so thumbs up here! Except for the it being permeated into my hands right now part. I believe the brand is Indigo Wild and the ingredients seem to suggest they might be vegan? Not 100% sure on this. 

Target's starting to slowly build an interesting curation of indie skincare, and it makes me wonder what brands they'll have soon. Maybe Cowshed? I'm sort of obsessed with their lotion that's been on Virgin Atlantic flights in the Upper Class/Premium Economy bathroom. Yes, a weird place to discover it but there we are. 

Really, what I'm trying to say, is I'm a sucker for one-stop-shopping that caters to my fashion/beauty wants at low-to-midrange prices, and there's just something about Target that makes me swoon. It's my kryptonite. It is my weakness. 

I mean, it could be the popcorn smell too.