The Week of Thanks


I've been pretty quiet here, mostly because November ended up being a bit of a thing to get through between work, work, death in the family, and just so many things piling up all at once that before I knew it here we are in Thanksgiving week. Thanks for everyone still reading, and new readers, even though I've been so quiet!

But I'm trying to keep afloat, trying to keep my head above water, and I have a few blog post ideas in the pipe for when I can carve out time again to compose them. I never expected to have this much burying me this month, but so is life as a very very part-time blogger who works full time in content marketing. Especially during holidays. I'm sadly already feeling a bit over Christmas and it's not even Turkey Day. Perhaps I'll get my holiday cheer again once I play "Last Christmas" on repeat over and over. 

So what's coming up? My thoughts on the Glossier/Milk Makeup phenomena and marketing, something I think might be an alternative to Glossier Skin Tint for half the cost, and more #BayAreaAdventures. 

I really thought I'd be more excited for Winter 2016 eyeshadow palettes and find some to talk about, since I usually love the fall/winter ones, but eh. Eh. They're kind of all the same this year, so I'm hoping to find something a little more standout to post about in the next few weeks.