Pause, Hit Rewind

The past couple of weeks have been a mixed bag of crazy. Two weeks ago on a Friday, I gave myself a mild concussion which left me out of sorts for the next few days. A new position opened up in my team at work that I'm applying for, which has been a little anxiety-riddling. Cut forward to this past weekend, I woke up early Saturday morning with moderate lower abdomen cramping and tried to be a trooper about it, but ultimately ended up at urgent care on Sunday with what they've diagnosed right now as an intestinal cramp. I did not know this was a thing.

 Suffice to say, it's put the C25k training on pause, and I think I just need to start week 5 over because there's no way in hell I'm physically ready to jog for 20 minutes straight. I really still don't like running and I think I'm going to opt to devote more time to strength training and getting better at bicycle riding and make a return to the elliptical when this is all over. If running is your thing, you do you, more power to you, but for me it's just not my fave. 

Moving along, I have a few beauty posts upcoming as well a travel related one talking about Virgin Elevate. 

London time is creeping up fast, six more weeks!