Short Bob Haircut

After being really bored with my hair and thinking maybe I'd cut bangs back in, I go and chop half it off instead. Yep.  

I've been really liking Ingrid Nilsen's haircut and these pics of Marion Cotillard with a similar bob so I figured I'd take the plunge if anything to save time in the morning getting ready. 

I go to I Dig Your Hair in the San Jose area because Domenica is fantastic and so super friendly and talented. She really takes care of her clients and has started her own range of sulfate free, paraben etc etc free shampoo and conditioner that are very good and smell lovely. I am kinda obsessed with the Repair Hairapy conditioner/hair mask.

Anyway, here's my new cut all fresh and shiny and Valencia filtered because the lighting was pretty cold downtown this afternoon.