Now's The Time To Seize The Day: Or Why I've Chosen to Prioritize Travel


This is a bit of a different post today, and I suppose we can thank Facebook for this. You know that quirky feature where it reminds you of a memory from a year or few years ago? For me, the past few days have been Facebook Memories of the trip we took last year to Disneyworld with a large of group friends. It was fun, there were happy memories, but it was also a very bittersweet trip.

It was one we dubbed Lizzucon to celebrate one last big hurrah with our sharply intelligent and wonderful friend, Liz, who had been terminally ill with gastric cancer. We were all convention attendees or were or had been convention staff at some points in our lives, so making it our own mini-convention seemed appropriate. Eight months later, Liz passed away. It was and is still hard to process at times. 

In processing it, I came to realize that none of us are guaranteed a fixed set of tomorrows to one day take that dream trip or see a few bucket list life goals through. For a long time, I kept telling myself, "someday" or "next year" and just let it slide while at the same time it ate at me. Why was I putting these things off? I may never have another chance because I've only got this one life, so why not enjoy it while I can?

As noted in a recent post, I ditched a large portion of my wardrobe in favor of a more minimalistic one, and I've put myself on a "no makeup" buying embargo. I have more than enough right now that I actually am out of space for things I until I reorganize my vanity. The money I probably would have spent on these things each month are going into my savings for travel, so I guess it's safe to say I took a lot of "how to save for travel" advice featured on other blogs to heart. I do like clothes, and I love makeup, but I also love to travel and I can't afford to fund all three all the time right now, so travel it is. 

A lot of us grew up being told to go to college, get the job, and save up for a house and go to work Monday through Friday and that's that. That's perfectly great if you really want those things, but if that's not in your wheelhouse then don't feel like you need to fit into that mold. It's okay to prioritize travel, and there's more resources online than ever to learn travel tips, tricks, and hacks to make traveling accessible and affordable. You might not be flying business class and sipping champagne all the time like the gang at One Mile At a Time (who, all joking aside, do run a good blog with flight reviews and tips/tricks/alerts) but getting there is only a fraction of what can be the trip of a lifetime.

In conclusion, I leave you with an obligatory Newsies GIF: