Losing Your Faves

This one isn't about makeup or travel. And a post should have gone up yesterday but some work related things went FUBAR and truthfully I've been out of it a bit this week. 

Last Friday I went to sleep reveling in a new David Bowie album. Monday I woke up and saw the news he passed away and I suppose I've been mourning this since then. I've been going through his albums on spotify while at work. I'm up to Outside right now. 

Then today, I wake up and check facebook. I see Alan Rickman's photo first before the words but my heart sank because I knew. Trending- Alan Rickman. Alan Rickman Dies, Age 69.

And I just can't. I loved both their bodies of work and I'm thankful that in all the history of humanity I could live in the same time they did, but I cant help thinking this is part of what sucks about growing up- your heroes die.

There are much more eloquent articles out there now about Rickman, so I'll say this much:

Fuck cancer. Fuck it hard.