MUJI Refresh Sheets

Beat the heat with cooling refresh sheets!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was off to Dallas this past weekend for a friend's birthday/cancer remission celebration.

It also happened to be one of the hottest weekends in Dallas, going into triple digits. Yay. Luckily, this is where an accidental purchase became so very handy.

What I had meant to buy was Cleansing Sheets or MUJI's equivalent to moist facial towelettes for removing makeup. What I bought was something a little different. The refresh sheets are made with menthol, and work to combat when your skin feels sweaty and sticky. They smell like a more pleasant version of Vapor Rub, somewhat minty and eucalyptus-like, and they leave a wonderful cooling and refreshing (hey, they named them aptly!) on the skin. 

I wouldn't use these to remove makeup, even in a pinch. They're not really designed for that and might irritate the eyes. But that's what the Cleansing Sheets they also sell are for. 

In short, these were perfect for a super hot weekend in Dallas where the air was basically set to hairdryer. I'm guessing these will be an absolute godsend the next time I get a cold or sinus congestion and need some menthol-scented comfort.

The MUJI online store still seems to be under construction, but you can find the Muji Refresh Sheets on eBay for about $3.40 plus $5.00 shipping from Asia. Or if you live in or near San Francisco, Stanford, San Jose, the Los Angeles area, Toronto, or New York City, there are local stores you can pop into.