MUJI Travel-Sized Beauty

A girl walks into a MUJI...

MUJI has become quite the popular cult brand in the beauty community, notably for its organization products, travel-sized containers, and more recently it's simple and effective skincare lines.

I'm fortunate to have a small brick and mortar MUJI storefront in my town, and with Gen Con looming, it was the perfect time to pick up some travel supplies for my toiletry kit, which is also MUJI.

The spoils of my mini haul are as thus:

- Small Nail Care Set (three small nail files)

- Face Brush

- Cheek Brush

-Eye Color Brush

-Refresh Sheets

- Travel Cream Container

- Small "PET" Bottle

- Small "PET" Spray Bottle

- Travel Sized Oil Cleaner (Sensitive Skin Range)

- Travel Sized Organic Moisturizing Lotion (Organic Range)

- Travel Sized Moisturizing Milk (Organic Range)

Worth noting, the Moisturizing Lotions typically feel and act more like floral/organic toners. Also, even though I have plenty of make up brushes, I wanted a simple set of three to use specifically for traveling since the handles on these are shorter. Also, the brushes are so so soft.

The Refresh Sheets appear to be moist towelettes, which I find incredibly handy on planes and on the go.

When I travel, I try to keep up as much of my skincare routine as possible because flying and hotel air really takes a toll. With some creative packing, I should be able to fit what I need of liquids under 3.4 oz into the little quart sized Sephora Beauty on the Fly bags they've been selling. Those things are definitely more sturdier than ZipLock, but it probably also goes without saying MUJI also sells bags like that well.

Right now, it looks like MUJI's online store is under construction, but you can find a lot of their products on Amazon. It's definitely a brand worth checking out, and aside from travel they make some really great basic household storage items. It's like IKEA but with less potential to destroy your relationship.