Colds, Tea, and Flash Gordon


Currently, I'm parked on my sofa taking a nasty hit from a cold that was going around the office. I managed to feel well enough last night to see Postmodern Jukebox, but woke up feeling incredibly worse for wear on day 5 of Coldmas. 

I have my tea in my Han Solo mug, lotion coated tissues, and Flash Gordon on TV. I've spent most of today asleep or watching various Vlogmas blogs when I should have written more of a fiction draft I'm writing, but I can barely sit up for long. Hurray for the Blog app!  

How is everyone's holiday season going so far? It feels like December is going by so fast! I'm trying to be good at posting on Monday and Wednesdays every week, although tomorrow will likely not happen now as I normally try to prep those posts on Sunday and today has been a total wash.

But I digress. Hopefully we carry on as usual for Wednesday.